Medical Solutions

Products, software and services that enhance the effectiveness and safety of life-saving medical procedures in nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and medical imaging.

Radiation Therapy & Diagnostic Imaging QA

Independent, integrated solutions for Quality Management in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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Occupational Dosimetry

Dosimeters track the radiation exposure of the wearer, to provide awareness and protection from the effects of ionizing radiation. 

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine instrumentation such as CRC dose calibrators, Captus thyroid uptake systems, and Caprac wipe test counters, as well as a full line of lead-lined cabinetry and shielding products.

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Medical Imaging

Surgical C-Arm Tables for pain care, cardiovascular and urologic procedures. Ultrasound tables designed for echocardiography, OB/GYN and other general procedures. MRI Stretchers, wheelchairs and accessories made of durable and advance materials. 

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