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Reactor Maintenance & Operation

To safely and effectively operate a nuclear reactor, it is crucial to have dependable containment seals. These seals play a vital role in facilitating various operations, such as monitoring, maintenance, cooling, communication, and power transfer.
Nuclear Containment

Enable Critical Connections while Protecting Your Environment

To send information from a reactor to a control room (or vice versa), or to adjust conditions inside containment, you need an electrical connection that passes through a reliable containment seal. Trust Mirion to provide a reliable seal to enable critical maintenance for daily, outage and emergency operations.

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Maintain Daily Operations and Conditions with Confidence

Establish a robust connection for relaying information from your reactor using equipment that's designed and purpose-built by a team with years of experience and certification. Electrical Penetration Assemblies (EPAs), Electric Conductor Seal Assemblies (ECSAs), Nuclear Service Connectors (NSCs), and Fiber Optics Feedthroughs allow you to integrate monitoring, communication, and video surveillance, eliminating the need for temporary communication cables. In addition, specialized Temperature Sensors (RTDs and Thermocouples) help you monitor temperature throughout the reactor cycle, providing valuable insight into overall conditions.

Count on Your Containment Seal to Keep Your Environment Safe

Achieve seamless passage of cables through containment walls, maintaining a secure seal in all operational scenarios. Among others applications, containment seals enable critical maintenance for daily, outage and emergency operations.

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On-Site Support, From Calibration to Leak Detection

A partnership with Mirion means we're invested in your success. Our team of experts bring an unmatched level of expertise and experience, offering on-site support to help you maintain your systems. From calibration and maintenance to leak detection and repair activity, we provide the guidance necessary for optimum performance from your reactor monitoring equipment.

Nuclear reactor

Be Prepared for Unforeseen Circumstances

During a severe accident, transmitting critical information and interacting with the reactor becomes challenging due to extreme temperatures and high radiation levels. Specialized valves and cables from Mirion enable vital reactor interactions, as well as the transmission of electrical signals from inside containment to the control room.

Rely on a Certified Partnership with Mirion

At the heart of our company's mission is the unwavering commitment to safeguarding you and your site. Our equipment has undergone exhaustive testing and stringent qualification campaigns to ensure full compliance with local regulatory standards. Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we have developed intuitive solutions that meet the most stringent safety requirements. Moreover, we take great pride in our certifications for ISO 19443:2018 and ASME NQA-1, which provide unequivocal assurance that our products have been meticulously designed with an unwavering focus on quality and reliability.

Mirion's containment seal product lines, including the IST France™ and IST Conax Nuclear™ lines, serve a crucial role in ensuring safety and precision in nuclear power plants across the globe.

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