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Border Security

Stop the illicit trafficking of radioactive substances across borders by air, land, and sea. Our solutions identify radiation in both passengers and cargo, allowing easy screening at checkpoints and remote alarm identification.

Choose a Proactive Solution

Take an aggressive stance against the trafficking of radioactive materials. Our solutions protect nations by protecting their borders, and proactively detecting radioactive substances when they enter the country and before an incident can occur.

Protect Any Border, by Land, Sea or Air

Whether you’re looking to secure an airport, border crossing, or port, Mirion offers a variety of solutions that are engineered to detect radiation and sort through threats, so that you can determine which need to be pursued. From well-placed pillars to personal radiation detectors on border agents, our solutions can be employed to fit your strategy.

Minimize False Alarms

False alarms don't just waste time and resources, they wear teams down. Every false alarm is one less alarm taken seriously. Get smart products that sort non-threats from plausible ones, only alerting when the danger is likely to be real. Mirion gets it right with intelligent software that allows you to rest easy and have a smaller operating team on the job.

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