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We strive to conduct business in a safe and responsible manner, monitoring and improving our own environmental performance to protect the natural environment.
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Commitment to Sustainability

Mirion is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment. We understand environmental management is important to our employees, customers, and shareholders, and we care deeply about the environmental impact we have on the communities in which we operate. Protection of the natural environment is part of our goal to conduct our business in a safe and responsible manner.

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Our Environmental Performance

We strive to monitor and improve our own environmental performance through the efficient use of natural resources and compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Four of our largest production sites maintain ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Energy Management

We have begun monitoring our energy consumption at the facility level. We plan to continue monitoring our progress in this area, including evaluating methods to calculate our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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The Eco-Challenge

Launched at the beginning of 2023 by our Technologies Group, the Eco-challenge was an initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by promoting sustainable working practices, as well as to raise awareness for environmental issues across our enterprise.

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Actions taken included:

  • Installing LED lights
  • Using motion sensors to reduce electricity usage
  • Replacing single-use plastics with reusable options
  • Installing more efficient manufacturing equipment
  • Site-specific educational campaigns

The Company remains committed to sustainability and energy management initiatives.

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Supporting a Low-Carbon Economy

Nuclear power is a low-carbon source of energy. As a producer of nuclear technologies serving legacy nuclear power facilities as well as next-generation small modular reactor projects, we play a key role in directly supporting the global transition to clean energy.

Waste Management

Our products are meant to be long-lasting. Once in place, they last for decades. This means end-of-life waste from our products is low. We also use minimal water, as it is not a primary input to our production processes.

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