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Diagnostic Imaging QA & Imaging Tables

Quality imaging in a safe, comfortable environment.

Only Mirion Medical offers a complete lineup of diagnostic imaging quality assurance solutions and patient positioning tables.

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Computed Tomography (CT)

CT scanner manufacturers continue advancing technologies to improve image quality at lower doses while expanding the overall functionality. New hardware and software advancements requires the right tools to ensure both conventional and feature-rich scanners are operating as expected. From routine to advanced, Sun Nuclear™ has the most comprehensive solutions to support your CT Quality Assurance needs.

Imaging Tables

Ultrasound: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are all too common in sonography. Biodex™ ultrasound tables minimize injury and maximize comfort without sacrificing image quality during ultrasound, echocardiography and vascular procedures.

C-Arm: The development of 3D imaging in C-arm imaging has brought needed depth perception to a host of surgical specialties. Those who choose to invest in this imaging technology will benefit from selecting a C-arm table designed specifically for 3D imaging.

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CIRS Ultrasound clinical image

Ultrasound & Echocardiography

Whether performing a general ultrasound, echocardiography or a vascular procedure, sonographers need to work with a table that they don’t have to think about. Our tables use a cost-effective, intuitive design for close patient access, better long-term value and less sonographer strain.

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A mammography quality assurance program is vital to ensuring the production of high-quality images, with the least possible amount of radiation exposure, allowing the radiologist to accurately detect breast cancer or other breast pathologies. Whether mandated by law, such as the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA), or other local quality assurance recommendations, the right QA tools help ensure the proper identification of abnormal tissues worthy of follow-up.

Zeus magnetic resonance imaging scanner


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners play a key role in the diagnosis of disease or injury and monitoring of recovery. Quality assurance of MRI scanner image quality is necessary for optimal images in any imaging environment and in oncology planning. More recent MRI scanners may offer the ability to quantify tissue composition leading to the identification of different disease states with an organ. Sun Nuclear provides QA test tools to help ensure optimal quality and accuracy across the entire spectrum of MRI imaging applications.

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging is one of the fastest growing diagnostic modalities. Patient, environmental and clinician safety concerns are heightened whenever radioactive materials are used. Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging workflows can be categorized into three areas: Lab Supplies; Delivery, Detection and Diagnosis; and Imaging Quality Assurance. Lab Supplies include the safe shipping of radioactive materials, and leaded cabinets or workstations for the production and preparation of radioactive nuclides. Delivery, detection and diagnosis equipment is required to ensure patients receive the correct imaging or treatment, and also includes equipment such as thyroid uptake and gas ventilation systems. Dose/survey meters can be used to monitor patients, staff, and the environment, including the proper disposal of radioactive materials. Quality assurance of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging systems is also key to ensuring high image quality and photon counting across all Gamma cameras. Capintec™ Mirion Medical solutions span all three of these critical categories to support quality and compliance of your Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging needs.


Quality Assurance procedures are critical for all Ultrasound departments and practices. Image quality for Ultrasound scanners should be maintained according to standards. Any change detected in the imaging chain should be amended at an early stage. Quantitative measurements is a growing field of Ultrasound imaging and Sun Nuclear is at the forefront of test tools for image quality assurance and standards to establish quantitative measurements.

CIRS Ultrasound clinical image

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