These Live Webinars will cover a variety of topics related to Mirion products, training, and services. We hope you find them informative. 


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Past Webinars

Maximize your gamma spectroscopy productivity: Techniques for minimizing background in your germanium detectors

In this presentation, we will focus on techniques to reduce the background in your gamma spectroscopy system. Reducing the background allows one to achieve lower MDA’s or reduce the measurement time to reach the desired MDA. Both options enhance the value of your spectroscopy system by making more sensitive measurements or increasing your overall sample throughput. We will focus on germanium-based gamma-spectroscopy systems, but the techniques described in this presentation also apply to other detector systems.

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Presenter: Wilhelm Mueller
Date: 11/14/2018
Length: 65 minutes


Meet the all New Series 6LB™ System – For the Ultimate in Alpha/Beta Counting

This one hour webinar will start with a live, on camera overview of the new hardware stressing the ease of maintenance. We will then move on to show the APEX-Alpha/Beta™ software interface as it has been updated for the new Series 6LB. We will also show that many routine tasks can be accessed directly from the Series 6LB without the need to use the attached PC.

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Presenter: Lee Reagan
Date: 9/26/2018
Length: 55 minutes


LabSOCS! - The Webinar

This 1-hour webinar provided a general introduction to LabSOCS and ISOCS, focusing on the use of standard LabSOCS geometry templates and the Genie 2000 Geometry Composer application. Several common laboratory sample geometries will be selected as practical examples to demonstrate the LabSOCS modeling and mathematical efficiency calibration process.

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Presenter: Dave Groff
Date: 7/25/2018
Length: 76 minutes


Why the SAGe Well Detector Should Be in Your Count Room…

This webinar reviewed the SAGe Well technology and innovations, use with LabSOCS and coincidence summing correction, as well as some applications for which the SAGe Well is particularly “well-suited.”

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Presenter: Wilhelm Mueller
Date: 5/23/2018
Length: 56 minutes


Remote Sampling with TRACS & Genie-FieldPro

This webinar reviewed the assembly and use of the Transportable Radiation Analysis Counting System (TRACS) and the Genie-FieldPro software.

  • TRACS is an ultra-portable and complete analysis counting system for the detection and assessment of samples for gamma radiation contamination.
  • The Genie-FieldPro counting interface and TRACS hardware are designed to work dynamically, bringing laboratory-quality measurements directly to the sample site.

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Presenter: Kara Phillips
Date: 3/28/2018
Length: 56 minutes
Link to presentation used in webinar:
Remote Sampling with TRACS & Genie-FieldPro


Introduction to Gamma Spectroscopy Fundamentals

This webinar focused on 3 Gamma Spectroscopy topics:

  • Gamma Spectrum Artifacts and Interpretation
  • Reporting and Interpretation
  • Calibrations

There was also plenty of Q&A with Doug.

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Presenter: Doug Van Cleef
Date: 2/28/2018
Length: 47 minutes
Links discussed in webinar:
INL Gamma-Ray Spectrum Catalogue
Mirion Training Sale
Mirion Connect Annual Users Meeting



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