DWK 250™

Digital Wide Range Channel
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DWK 250™

Digital Wide Range Channel
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The DWK 250 digital wide-range channel in combination with the TKV 23 wide-range preamplifier (50 ohm or 75 ohm) provide a combination of pulse and Campbell (RMS) processing signals together with in-core (BWR) or ex-core (PWR) fission chambers that have pulse, intermediate and wide-range neutron flux and reactor period signals.

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  • 10 to 12 decades of measurement range with one detector only
  • Calibration into neutron flux units (nv, P/Pn)
  • Filtering of the signal with an adaptive time constant
  • Calculation of the relative flux change rate (reciprocal of the reactor period) for the whole wide range
  • Generation of analog and binary signals for the reactor protection system
  • Remote test signal generators, even in the preamplifier
  • The correct function of all signal paths can be tested before start-up


The DWK 250 digital wide range channel forms part of the proTK™ product line. It has been designed for neutron flux monitoring combining pulse and intermediate range in combination with only one detector, e.g. in-core or ex-core wide range fission chamber. Hardware and software of the DWK 250 channel are designed and qualified for applications at the level of the reactor protection system.


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