Area Gamma Monitor
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Area Gamma Monitor
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The G64 area gamma monitor forms part of the CAMSYS™ product line.

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  • Pseudo-logarithmic ratemeter averaging for good statistics at low level and fast response at high levels
  • Removable detector unit for remote use
  • Three user-set alarm levels across the full range
  • Local signalling by audio and visual alarms
  • Remote signalling by relays
  • Displays on high visibility LCD, status, fault and alarm messages
  • Interlock monitor functionality
  • Front panel RS-232 port for configuration by local PC or optional iConfig PDA


The G64 area gamma monitor forms part of the CAMSYS product line. It is a compact, mainspowered, microprocessor-based radiation monitor, designed specifically for area and process monitoring in nuclear facilities. Its main functions are to display the gamma dose rate in the area and to warn local personnel in the event of an alarm situation.

The G64 instrument is intended for installed use but can also be used on a bench stand or wheeled trolley to provide temporary monitoring or to supplement permanently installed monitors during maintenance activities.

The standard G64 monitor is supplied with a compact solid state detector for use in low to medium dose rate applications, but it is also available in three other versions for additional applications:

  • G64IC™ monitor: for high dose rate and high integrated dose applications
  • G64SC™ monitor: intended for use with existing scintillation detectors
  • G64GM™ monitor: intended for use with existing GM probes


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