External Gamma Probes
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External Gamma Probes
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Used for measuring alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation with the RDS-31™ meters.

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  • Remote pulse rate measurements
  • For alpha/beta/gamma surface contamination measurements
  • Converts the meter into contamination monitor
  • Sensitive for low levels of alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • For general contamination and frisking applications
  • Cord lengths up to 15 meters upon request


The GMP-25 probe is intended for monitoring alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation.

The GMP-25 is used as an external detector with the RDS-31/iTx/iTxSD multi-purpose Radiation Survey Meters especially for surface contamination monitoring and source localization applications.

The GMP-25 probe is equipped with a Binder connector and connected to the mating bulk connector interface at the bottom of RDS-31 family survey meters.

Like other Mirion external probes, also the GMP-25 unit is a ” smart” probe, having an internal high voltage generator and non-volatile memory for calibration coefficients and probe identification data. Thus the probe can be connected “on-the-fly” without the need for switching off the meter, which automatically recognizes the probe type and sets the meter reading to defined measuring unit.


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