IR 2000™

TLD Irradiator
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IR 2000™

TLD Irradiator
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A fast automatic way of irradiating Mirion TL dosimeters.

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  • Irradiation of single TL-elements or TL-dosimeter cards
  • Programmable delivered dose by repeated irradiations
  • Irradiation of 500 dosimeter cards per hour with 90Sr/90Y source
  • Used for TLD-system QC and calibration
  • Standalone use ( no PC needed)
  • Loading capacity up to 200 cards with optional cassette feeder


The TLD-irradiator IR-2000 model offers a fast automatic way of irradiating Mirion TL-dosimeters. It’s suitable for irradiating dosimeter cards and single TL-elements.

The use of the IR-2000 unit is very convenient when a large number of dosimeters need to be irradiated. As the IR-2000 model utilizes the same dosimeter card magazine as the RE-2000 reader for processing the TL-cards, the TL-cards can be easily processed in the reader after irradiation.

The use of the IR-2000 model is strongly recommended for system quality control and calibration including system stability and linearity checking, individual sensitivity coefficient definition and signal to dose.


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