Neutron Ionization Chambers
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Neutron Ionization Chambers
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Coated with enriched B10 and used for intermediate/power ranges. Simple in construction and saturation-proof, with background compensation of gamma radiation.

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  • Wide measuring range
  • Simple and rugged construction
  • Saturation proof
  • Large and steady sensitive length
  • Output signal: DC current starting at 1 pA
  • Compensation of gamma radiation (KNK 50)
  • LOCA proof (KNK 50 SAC)


The KNK/KNU 50 neutron ionization chambers are designed for neutron flux monitoring in ex-core positions. The neutron sensitivity of these ionization chambers is achieved by the coating of one electrode with enriched boron-10. Thermal neutrons react with the isotope boron-10 emitting alpha particles, which produces ionization in the gas within the detector. Their discharge on the electrodes causes charge pulses. These charge pulses are integrated to a DC current, which can be measured in the external circuit.


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