Multi-Element SDD Arrays

Custom Configurations
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Multi-Element SDD Arrays

Custom Configurations
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The design of the multi-element Silicon Drift Detector Arrays can be configured to meet the specific needs of your application while maintaining excellent energy resolution at high count rates.

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  • Cryogenic (pulse-tube) cooled
  • Up to 13 elements
  • Planar or focused configurations
  • CMOS-based preamplifiers
  • Integrated HV bias supply
  • 1 mil (25 μm) Be window
  • No active pumping required (no ion pump)
  • Thermal cycle free


The X-PIPS multi-element detector or SXD arrays are extremely sensitive to X-rays and low-energy gamma rays (up to 30 keV). The SXD can consist of up to 13 Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) elements. Each element has a low noise CMOS reset type preamplifier, and the complete system contains a HV bias supply and is electrically cooled with a cryogenic pulse-tube cooler. A thin Beryllium entrance window (1 mil (25 μm)) allows for measurement of X-rays as low as 1 keV (see Figure 1). Examples of different designs are shown below.

The detector elements and CMOS preamplifiers are cooled and temperature regulated, ensuring stable operation in changing environmental conditions. The energy resolution is guaranteed within an ambient temperature range of +10  C to + 30  C with the default factory settings.

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  • Collimated Active Area: 30, 50 or 80 mm  per element
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Guaranteed resolution: 135 eV FWHM (typ. < 125 eV)
  • Maximum throughput per element: >3 Mcps
  • Energy range: 1 to 30 keV
  • P/B ratio: >10 000:1


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