Military Radiac Set
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Military Radiac Set
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Designed to detect and measure dose rate and accumulated dose derived from gamma-ray and beta radiation.

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  • Wide dynamic range for dose rate and dose
  • Pre-settable audio and visual alarms
  • 600 hr battery life
  • Vehicle mount for operation using vehicle or aircraft power (available option)
  • Not affected by EMP
  • Nuclear hardened
  • Meets MIL-STD-810G for military environments
  • Operable/readable by personnel in Mission Oriented Protection Posture (MOPP IV) or arctic clothing
  • Outstanding linearity over a wide dynamic range
  • Lowest life cycle costs due to calibration stability and semi automatic self calibration
  • RS-232 interface for computer control and data downloads (available option)
  • Uses “SMART” probe technology (calibration factors store inside the probe)


The RDS-110V military radiac set is designed to detect and measure dose rate and accumulated dose derived from gamma-ray and beta radiation. The radiac set may be carried by an operator, or installed in a vehicular mount (optional). This simple to operate, rugged, and lightweight equipment combines unparalleled performance and reliability. It includes the Time-to-Count technique providing outstanding linearity over the entire dynamic range of the instrument – no compensation for high levels is necessary. Features such as wide dynamic ranges for dose and dose rate and pre-settable alarms make this instrument clearly the instrument of choice for the foot soldier.

The RDS-110V device also lends itself to use in military land vehicles and helicopters and easily fits within the space-constrained interiors of aircraft and fighting vehicles. Its detection probe may be mounted outside the land vehicle or helicopter for direct external radiation assessment. With the optional RDS-110V Vehicle Mount, the radiac is capable of operating on vehicular or aircraft power.

The RDS-110V unit has been developed using the same form as the legacy AN/VDR-2™ and RDS-100V™ radiac meters. It uses a similar dedicated beta gamma specific hand held probe, with embedded smart probe electronics. Older legacy probes need minor factory modifications before reusing.

The RDS-110V unit includes STORE button functionality rather than the ATTEN button capability found in the legacy VDR2/RDS-100V models.

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Key Benefits

  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Ease of use for setup and operations; minimal user training required


  • Personnel
  • Aircraft and vehicle


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