RWP Turnstile

Smart Safety Checkpoint
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RWP Turnstile

Smart Safety Checkpoint
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Access control turnstiles provide an access point for issuing electronic dosimeters.

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  • Compatible with DMC 2000™ and DMC 3000™ dosimeters
  • Includes integrated dosimeter reader
  • Ruggedized PC with touch-screen monitor includes 64-bit (Windows 7) OS and TPM Security Chip
  • Compares worker’s RWP and Task data to “approved” list
  • Small footprint and integrated wheels allow easier deployment
  • Optional LAN connection allows automated Access
  • Control data retrieval


The RWP “Smart” Turnstile provides a safety checkpoint for workers upon entry into an RCA (initial entry or entry into a sub-zone). As a worker presents their dosimeter to the reader, it compares the permit that the worker has logged into against active permits for the zone that the worker is attempting to enter. The turnstile either unlocks, allowing the worker to enter with a green “go” light, or it keeps locked, blocking the worker from entering with an amber “no go” light. It features an industrial-strength PC with a 10.25 inch touch-screen monitor. The PC is used to store approved RWP’s and Tasks, as well as to access control information stored in the worker’s dosimeter. 


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