Military Electronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD)
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Military Electronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD)
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The SOR/R (R for Residual) unit measures the occupational and residual gamma dose and dose rate, and provides safety alarms. The SOR/T (T for Tactical) unit also measures the gamma and neutron INR doses from a nuclear detonation.

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  • Unique thin, small form factor, limiting any burden for the soldier
  • The SOR operates in the extreme conditions of the CBRN battlefield environment
  • Rugged field reader (XOM)
  • Contactless assignment and collection of the residual/occupational dose, through clothes
  • Exercise mode for training sessions
  • Pre/post-assignment of doses
  • Assignment to individuals or teams
  • Compliant with NATO D104 / AEP-75 for gamma occupational/residual dosimetry (SOR/R and SOR/T) and combat dosimetry (gamma/neutron INR, SOR/T)
  • Compliant with IEC 61526 and ANSI N42.20 for gamma occupational dosimetry
  • Transportable by road, rail, and air without restrictions


The SOR device is an electronic dosimeter with alarming and direct screen readout, designed to be seamlessly worn. The SOR dosimeter is part of the dosimetry system for contactless field readers and software, to monitor the dose of personnel, tactical decisions, and health protection for operations other than war, and medical records.

It’s specially designed for military forces and their missions:

  • Non-combat operations including the occupational dose monitoring for personnel safety, and alarming to prevent excessive exposure (ALARA)
  • Combat operations including the INR (Initial Nuclear Radiation) dose monitoring (SOR/T) and residual dose (fallouts) monitoring.

The SOR dosimeter is suitable for all forces: land, Navy, air, and civil defense

The SOR dosimeter has been selected by most of the NATO countries. Country-specific NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) are available.


Homeland Security
Training Materials
Using Telemetry for Diving Applications
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Dosimeter Configuration Utility,

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  • You will need to Contact your Mirion office for a license key to unlock this software from Demo mode.


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