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Gamma Portal Monitors

A new generation gamma portal monitor based on Mirion FastTrack technology.

Tag Features

  • Up to 14 large volume GammaFibre™ detectors in a compact steel housing
  • Very low detection limits compared to conventional monitors
  • Drastically reduced false alarm rates, especially in challenging background conditions
  • Very short measurement time at all walking speeds
  • Touch screen for configuration and data display
  • Audio and visual alarm signals
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Available in different versions for indoor, outdoor and mobile installations
  • Configuration with 900 mm passage-way width available (suitable for wheelchairs)


FastTrack-Fibre monitors are Gamma Portal monitors, featuring a very low false alarm rate, plus very low detection limits. All of the three monitors can be operated in two different modes: either in FastTrack mode (quick passage), or in Wait-In mode (stop in the monitor while measuring).

High Throughput & Low Detection Limits

FastTrack algorithms allow a reliable and quick detection, at all paces, still providing consistently low detection limits. No queuing, not even slowing down, even at peak times.

Minimum False Alarm Rate

FastTrack algorithms are able to distinguish detection events inside the monitor from outside events. The person carrying the source will be pinpointed, so that false alarms plus time-consuming actions of personnel are drastically reduced.

Available in three versions:

  • FastTrack-Fibre™ Standard: to check personnel for gamma-emitting sources at the site boundaries of nuclear facilities.
  • FastTrack-Fibre™ Outdoor: Weatherproof version for a reliable and straightforward radioactivity control in outdoor environments.
  • FastTrack-Fibre™ Mobile: Weatherproof version as a mobile monitor construction which can quickly be set up by two people at any location required.

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