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DGK 250™

Digital Power Range Channel

The DGK 250 power range channel uses linear signal processing and numeric calibration of one or two signal paths in PWR reactors and is used with a boron-coated neutron ionization chamber. In research reactors, the DGK 250 channel can use either/or uncompensated/compensated ion chambers and options include a peak pulse processor.

Tag Features

  • Two signal paths for two ionization chambers
  • Calibration to neutron flux signal (nv, P/Pn)
  • Calculation of mean value and deviation
  • Generation of analog and binary signals for the reactor protection system
  • Short response time < 10 ms
  • Remote test signal generators
  • RS232/485 data interface


The DGK 250 digital power range channel forms part of the proTK™ product line. It has been designed for neutron flux monitoring in the power range in combination with neutron ionization chambers. Hardware and software of the DGK 250 channel are designed and qualified for applications at the level of the reactor protection system.

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