Wide Range Gamma Telescopic Probe
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Wide Range Gamma Telescopic Probe
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The compact size, exceptionally light weight, and easy-todeploy mechanism of the Tele-STTC-2 make this probe an ideal tool for measurement of areas that are difficult to access or require remote measurement high exposure areas.

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  • Telescopic pole with H*(10) ambient gamma dose equivalent rate measurement probe
  • Gamma dose rate measurement up to 10 Sv/h (1000 rem/h)
  • Energy-compensated Geiger Mueller detector
  • Remote measurement up to 4.09 m (13.4 ft)
  • Compact size when folded
  • Extremely lightweight and rugged
  • Integrated cable for meter
  • Calibrated via a personal computer (PC) which enables the direct generation of electronic format calibration data. Eliminates the need for paper and transcription errors


Tele-STTC-2 supports ALARA principles by allowing the operator to obtain measurements both quickly and at increased distances, due to its maneuverability.

Tele-STTC-2 requires minimal space when packed and the pole can be extended with secured 1/4 turn rings for each extension segment.

Molded rings are added to original locking rings to facilitate handling (except on Tele-STTC-2L/R31 model). The unit is so lightweight that even when unfolded, it doesn’t need to be offset, and the pole and meter can be used together even for short range measurements. The meter remains at the user’s eye level even when the pole is opened.

A shoulder strap can be used to secure Tele-STTC-2 when used in the open position or simply to keep it attached while being carried.

The unit consists of a detector integrated on a telescopic carbon fiber-based pole on which a meter is attached by a connecting clip. The meter is removable and can therefore be used independently. Tele-STTC-2 can be used with the Radiagem™. Colibri® or RDS-31™ personal survey meters, which are not included.

The detector integrated into the Tele-STTC-2 is designed for gamma dose equivalent rate measurement and extends the distance from the radiation source when used with the selected survey meter. It uses the time-to-count algorithm from CANBERRA, hence enabling a unique range of measurement with only one Geiger Mueller detector. By using only one detector, the Tele-STTC-2 offers a better angular response than any other probe with an equivalent measurement range and comes in a smaller form factor. Additionally, the multiple detector switching effect present with other instruments is not an issue for the Tele-STTC-2. The Tele-STTC probe’s firmware can be upgraded via CSPS, with the USB – PC cable and a PC.


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Needs CSPS software and PC cable for probe upgrade. Please refer to CSPS user manual for upgrade procedure

Revision Changes / Additions:

A specific firmware version does exist for the TTC module inside the Colibri product. This version is referenced 11_07_12.


Communication interruption during approximately 1s between 1mSv/h and 10mSv/h

Improved probe status handling

Improved the use of unit information in the CSP frame

Separate handling of range and microcontroller frequency


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