The History of the RMS Division

The RMS Division of Mirion Technologies is specialized in the field of nuclear radiation measurement for more than 60 years. The division incorporates the internationally recognized brands: MGP Instruments, Canberra, MGPI-H&B and Premium Analyse and develops, produces, qualifies and markets the most comprehensive range of electronic instruments and equipment for nuclear radiation monitoring and neutron flux surveillance from single channels to complete systems, fixed or portable, up to class 1E with full seismic qualification, standard or custom-design.


2019 - Acquisition of Premium Analyse, French company specialised in measuring and sampling tritium
2018 - Opening of the Seoul Office: Mirion Technologies (MGPI) SAS, Korea Office
2016 - Merging of Mirion Technologies and Canberra groups, and integration of the CAMSYS and SafePoint product lines into the RMS portfolio
2011 - Opening of the Shanghai Office: Mirion Commercial (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiangchang Commercial Branch
2009 - MGP Instruments SA, MGP Instruments GmbH and MGP Instruments Inc. became Mirion Technologies (MGPI) SA, Mirion Technologies (MGPI H&B) GmbH and Mirion Technologies (MGPI), Inc. respectively.
2006 - Birth of the Mirion Technologies group organized into 5 divisions:  Radiation Monitoring Systems Division,  Health Physics Division, Sensing Systems Division, Imaging Systems Division, Dosimetry Services Division
2002 - Birth of the synOdys group which joins the brand marks: Rados Technology, MGPI-H&B and MGP Instruments.
2001 - MGP Instruments acquired H&B Nuclear Measurement.
2000 - ABB group divested from nuclear market and sold the nuclear part of its group to Westinghouse. H&B Nuclear Measurement became part of Westinghouse Reaktor GmbH.
1999 - ABB acquired Elsag Bailey and H&B Nuclear Measurement became part of the ABB Utility Automation group.
1997 - Founding of the Premium Analyse company (France)
1996 - Mannesmann sold Hartmann & Braun to Elsag Bailey an international automation company.
1995 - H&B Nuclear Measurement developed radiation monitors for accident and post accident conditions.
1994 - Merlin Gerin sold off its nuclear measurement business unit. Merlin Gerin Provence became MGP Instruments.
1993 - Merlin Gerin Provence developed a new generation of Radiation Monitoring System RAMSYS.
1990 - MGP Instruments Inc was established in Atlanta.
1989 - H&B Nuclear Measurement installed digital neutron flux instrumentation in a German NPP for the first time.
1980 - AEG sold Hartmann & Braun including H&B Nuclear Measurement to group Mannesmann.
1978 - The nuclear measurement group of Merlin Gerin moved to Lamanon/Provence: Merlin Gerin Provence.
1969 - From 1969 to 1988, Munich products with the H&B brand had been delivered to all nuclear power plants in Germany.
1968 - AEG acquired Hartmann & Braun “H&B” (a well known German company for industrial measurement and automation) and integrated the Munich radiation monitoring group: H&B Nuclear Measurement.
1965 - Founding of the original company in the field of nuclear instrumentation in Grenoble (France): Merlin Gerin.
1960 - Deliveries to the prototype plant in Kahl, Germany’s first NPP.
1955 - A group for research and development of nuclear radiation measurement equipment was founded as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich (Germany) under the industrial leadership of AEG.