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Powering Better Quality Management for Better Care

Our Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy solutions services enhance the checks and balances that keep cancer treatment safe, effective, and ever-improving.

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Hospitals & clinics worldwide choose the Sun Nuclear brand.

Linac manufacturers, imaging manufacturers, researchers, and scientific associations leverage Sun Nuclear solutions routinely, too. Collectively, the fields of Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging count on us to help:

Mitigate errors
Reduce inefficiencies
Validate technologies and techniques
Elevate clinical care

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Independent. It’s the essence of everything we do.

Independent Quality Management empowers clinical physicists to be guardians of Patient Safety, and to efficiently fulfill complex safety requirements.

Unbiased. For truth in data and analysis.

Independent Quality Management — free from the bias of self-checking — drives accurate, standardized data analysis and redundancies essential to reducing risk.

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