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Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Key Drivers:

  • Real time Monitoring outside & inside the D&D sites.
  • Provide early warning and identification of possible radiation release incidents.
  • Perform sample-based Environmental Monitoring.

Key Benefits:

  • Workers dose reduction (ALARA principle)
  • Improved impact on environment
  • Data storage of results for history
  • Real time display of results


  • To evaluate the real time contamination in nuclear sites, it is important to continuously monitor for, and measure, releases of radioactive material into the environment.
  • The dispersion of radioactive materials is sometimes strongly affected by wind direction and velocity. The characterization of air, water, soil and vegetation samples for radioactive materials is necessary.
  • Analysis of environmental samples in a laboratory setting is also an important step to protect the public from potential radiation hazards.

iCAM™ Continuous Air Monitor

The intelligent Alpha/Beta Continuous Air Monitor (iCAM) provides robust and reliable real-time monitoring of airborne particulate activity in the workplace. The iCAM monitor uses an ion-implanted silicon radiation detector. It acts as a simple alarming monitor for operators with the sophistication required to provide low false alarm rates and high protection levels.


  • Continuous total airflow recording and reporting.
  • User-set alarms with local and remote reporting.
  • One-week data storage with detailed event log.
  • Thirty minute protection of full functionality by built-in battery backup without external pump.
  • Optional remote gamma probe.

Key benefits

  • Auto-adaptive spectrometric compensation for natural radon/thoron progeny background, yielding lowest false alarm rate in the field.
  • Rugged steel enclosure which provides IP54 environmental protection.
  • Stable long-term low level measurements.

EcoGamma™-g Radiation Monitor

The EcoGamma-g monitor is an advanced, dual detector, environmental gamma radiation monitor designed to operate in the most extreme conditions with unsurpassed accuracy, range and stability

Key benefits

  • Environmentally robust housing provides stable, reliable performance in demanding operating environments.
  • Built-in temperature monitoring provides supplemental meteorological information and aids.
  • Total Integrated Dose (TID).
  • Our unique “Time-To-Count” technique eliminates dead time and saturation effects of conventional GM detectors.

Horizon® Supervisory Software System

  • Supervisory software for remote access to radiation and environmental monitoring instrumentation and personnel/object contamination monitors.
  • Preconfigured instrument array provides easy and fast setup & configuration.
  • Web-based client application provides access to data and control functions from multiple workstations.
  • Rich SCADA tools provide advanced graphic controls for visualizing your data.
  • Simple navigation between monitored areas and individual instruments.

Laboratory sample measurements

Apex-Gamma™ Radiological analysis system

Technical description

  • This system is capable of identifying and quantifying virtually all nuclides found in a sample. It can be calibrated for typical sample types in a range of common sample containers without the use of radioactive sources.

Key benefits

  • High purity germanium detector for gamma spectroscopic analysis of processed or raw food products or any other type of environmental samples.
  • Full radionuclide report and automatic notification if nuclide-specific maximum permissible concentrations are exceeded.
  • Shields offered that support samples of 4-liter Marinelli size and smaller or 1-liter and smaller.

Transportable radioanalytical labs

Technical description

  • Mobile labs allow laboratory-grade analysis to be performed in the field, where the samples are, or they can back up a standard count room overwhelmed by additional sample load.

Key benefits

  • Turn-key transportable laboratory solutions, which include design, equipment selection, installation, calibration and training.
  • Equipment can include gamma spectroscopy system (with HPGe and/or NaI detectors) and alpha/beta counters for samples.
  • Includes the design and construction of labs in vans, trucks, trailers and ISO international standard modules and in a variety of semi-permanent and mobile configurations.

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