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Mirion electronic dosimetry approved for the u k market

Mirion Electronic Dosimetry Approved for the U.K. Market

Mirion is pleased to announce that our DMC 3000 dosimeter and DosiServ™ software are now part of an HSE Approved Service in collaboration with NUVIA U.K. to provide External Dosimetry to clients using the Mirion Electronic Dosimetry System.

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The Health Safety Executive (HSE), is Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety. At present, the Mirion dosimeter is the only U.K. dosimeter approved by the HSE to provide this service using our electronic dosimeter. This is further complemented by its expertise and capability to provide approved Record Keeping, passive External Dosimetry, and Internal Dosimetry Services.

Covering a wide range of X-ray and Gamma radiation detection, the DMC 3000 dosimeter represents over two decades of real-world electronic dosimetry experience, continually refined through customer feedback. Manufactured at the Mirion Lamanon site in France, it is currently the global reference in active dosimetry with more than 250,000 units deployed (as of October 2023). The DMC 3000 dosimeter offers several key advantages:

  • Reliability: designed for ruggedness and durability, with excellent electromagnetic interference immunity.
  • Best-in-class lead time from immediate availability for small/mid-size requests to optimized lead times for large systems.
  • Simple design, user-friendly ergonomics that is easy for start-up and normative usage.
  • Comprehensive ecosystem encompassing readers, software, telemetry, calibrator, connectivity and integrated solution, all contributing to heightened safety and efficiency.
  • Proven product reliability (>20 years) further reinforced by dedicated and recognized customer support.

The approved use of the DMC 3000 dosimeter by the HSE is a testament to the reliability and adaptability of Mirion offerings in Radiation Protection and Health Physics. We look forward to advancing workplace safety for NUVIA U.K. clients as part of their expanded range of services.

The DMC 3000 dosimeter now offers a Bluetooth® module for enhanced connectivity and safety. Learn more


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