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On Clarity and Culture: Insights from CEO Thomas Logan

In an episode of The Smart Money Circle podcast, Mirion’s CEO, Thomas Logan, sat down with host Adam Sarhan to discuss his personal journey, leadership philosophy and the remarkable story of Mirion. With a focus on clarity and risk management, Logan provides insights into the company's success and the investment opportunities it presents.

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The Mirion Story

According to Logan, Mirion, emerged from an opportunity to consolidate three small companies into a unified entity. Initially intended as a three-year leadership stint for Logan, his commitment grew as the company's strategic vision evolved. The result was deeper integration and a long-term commitment.

Logan highlights Mirion’s position as a global leader in radiation safety, measurement and science. The company's expertise lies in providing instruments, software solutions, and highly tech-enabled services for the detection, measurement, and analysis that ultimately harness ionizing radiation for the greater good. Mirion’s capabilities extend beyond commercial nuclear power to sectors such as cancer care, and applications like space exploration and research.

Over the past two decades, Logan has seen Mirion grow into the strong company it is today, creating value and making a positive impact on the world.

He highlights with pride some of Mirion’s contributions to the big science community:

  • Products aided the discovery of the last nine elements on the periodic table
  • Contributed to most significant interplanetary space probes
  • Instruments confirmed the presence of water on Mars
  • Detectors are being used to collect data on the European Space Agency Jupiter mission
  • Products were on board the Artemis I moon mission
  • Instrumentation is used in research to understand dark matter and sub-particle physics

Logan notes the knowledge gained from these applications is directly applicable to commercial nuclear power, cancer care and other medical treatments, life sciences, and defense, making Mirion’s technological leverage and innovation crucial in driving its success within a large and diverse market.

“The great thing about Mirion is that we have the ability to grow within this enormous [total addressable market], without ever having to conglomerate, and continue to apply that fundamental technological leverage that really drives our ecosystem today.”

Clarity and Risk Management

Logan emphasizes the importance of clarity in decision-making and risk management. By delegating power and authority throughout the organization, Mirion fosters an entrepreneurial environment where calculated risks are embraced. This approach allows the company to navigate a complex global market and outgrow its competitors consistently. Logan highlights the significance of understanding the environment, lifting one's head to analyze macro factors, and having a deep knowledge of finance to create value effectively.

“Understanding the financial implications of what you do is such an important and critical predicate for understanding how you create value.”

Timeless Lessons

Throughout his career, Logan has learned valuable lessons that have shaped his leadership style. He emphasizes the need for leaders to have a clear mission, vision, and values. These serve as guiding principles for decision-making and aligning the team toward a common goal. Logan also stresses the importance of effective communication, delegation and creating a positive company culture. By embracing these lessons, leaders can drive success and retain top talent.

Four Insights from Mirion’s CEO:

  • “Clarity around mission, values, and vision is crucial. It focuses us on what matters and guides our decision-making process.”
  • “Delegating power and authority deeply into the organization allows for an entrepreneurial dynamic and the ability to take strategic risks.”
  • “Understanding the environment and lifting our heads to analyze macro factors is critical. It helps us navigate the complexities of the global market.”
  • “Culture is a choice. A positive company culture can be a strategic weapon, driving success and attracting top talent.”

Thomas Logan’s interview on The Smart Money Circle podcast provides perspective on Mirion’s journey and the principles that have contributed to its success. By embracing clarity, risk management and timeless leadership lessons, Mirion has become a global leader across a range of industries. As investors consider opportunities, Mirion’s strong foundation and commitment to innovation make it an attractive prospect for long-term growth and impact.


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