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RDS-31™ - CSP™ Compatibility extended

RDS‑31™ meter is wearable, compact and durable, with dual display function + CSP Smart probes, independent from the host meter with plug & play capability and integrated quality control.

Upgrade your meter firmware to make the most of the new features


RDS‑31 Firmware: 3.05.5 / Available now

CSP Support Second Round.

Updated scaler functionality to support contamination CSP probes. Added support for: SA‑100™, SA‑32™, SA‑20‑2™, SAB‑250™, SAB‑32, SB‑32, SB‑20™, SB‑100™/B, SB‑100/A, Easy‑Count™, SPAB‑15™, SN‑D‑2™, STTC, SVLD™, TELE‑STTC™, SABG‑15+™, STTC‑W CSP probes

Following probes work with lithium batteries: SABS‑579, SABP‑525™ units

RDS‑31 Firmware 3.05.4 / Available from March 2019

CSP Support First Round.

Support was added for following: SAB‑100™, SABG‑100™, SG‑1R™, SG‑2R™, SN‑S™, SX‑2R™ CSP probes

CSW‑31 software and PC cable link is needed to complete the upgrade.

Connect with dedicated cable

Ordering references and standard cable/adapter selection:
1233‑318RDS‑31 Cable adapter for CSP Probes (can be used to modify your existing CSP cable)
1233‑319RDS‑31 CSP cable, straight 1.5 m
1233‑320RDS‑31 CSP coiled cable 0.7 m, extends 1.6 m

Do not forget to look at CSPS™ software for probe calibration, setup and tuning toward specific applications. Unit to display (US, SI) is selected via RDS-31 meter’s menu.

CSP + RDS‑31 Battery Life Matrix

CSP ModelProbe typeExpected lifetime (h)Battery type
SA_20_2SA‑20‑2Alpha Probe with 20cm 2 detection area42Alkaline
SB‑20Beta Probe with 20cm 2 detection area42Alkaline
SB100SA‑100Alpha Probe with 100cm 2 detection area42Alkaline
SB‑100Beta Probe with 100cm 2 detection area42Alkaline
SX2RSX‑2RX‑Ray Probe56Alkaline
SABSAB‑100 in Alpha onlyAlpha/Beta Probe with 100cm 2 detection area46Alkaline
SAB‑100 in Beta onlyAlpha/Beta Probe with 100cm 2 detection area39Alkaline
SAB‑100 in Alpha/BetaAlpha/Beta Probe with 100cm 2 detection area31Alkaline
SG1RSG‑1R1" x 1" NaI(Tl) Gamma Probe56Alkaline
SG2RSG‑2R2" x 2" NaI(Tl) Gamma Probe56Alkaline
SPABSPAB‑15 in Alpha onlyAlpha/Beta Probe with PIPS® detector25Alkaline
SPAB‑15 in Beta onlyAlpha/Beta Probe with PIPS detector23Alkaline
SPAB‑15 in Alpha/BetaAlpha/Beta Probe with PIPS detector20Alkaline
STTCSTTCWide Range (Time‑to‑Count) Gamma Probe56Alkaline
SABGSABG‑15+ 2 cps count‑rateAlpha/Beta/Gamma Probe (pancake)46Alkaline
SABG‑15+ 1000 cps count‑rateAlpha/Beta/Gamma Probe (pancake)28Alkaline
SVLDSVLDVery Low Dose Gamma Probe27Alkaline
SND2-smallSN‑D‑2Neutron Dose Probe10Alkaline
SN‑D‑2Neutron Dose Probe30Lithium
SNSSN‑SNeutron Search Probe10Alkaline
SN‑SNeutron Search Probe30Lithium
SABS579SABS‑579Floor probe20Lithium
SABP525SABP‑525Foot Probe20Lithium

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