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AccuRad Personal Radiation Detector First Response Training


The award-winning AccuRad™ PRD from Mirion Technologies is everything you need from a personal radiation detector. Our PRD was developed for emergency responders in collaboration with emergency responders. At this training you learn how the AccuRad PRD is field ready and easy to use. Train how to deploy the AccuRad device and learn practical field tactics. See how easy the AccuRad PRD can be incorporated into your mission with the mobile app and management software.

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Mirion Technologies

This course is an introduction to the basics of radiation, its components, types and sources or radioactive materials. You will learn what radiation is, how it exposes personnel, where it comes from, how we measure/detect it, how it can affect you, and how to reduce the risks associated with radiation. You will also learn what some of the realistic threats are that can cause panic and harm to personnel. Included will be some hands-on practical training using detectors and common sources of radiation. Click link below for full course description

Mirion Technologies

This course is a continuation of the Basic Radiation Fundamentals class. In this course you will learn about radioactive materials of concern, how to properly perform a search/survey for radioactive materials, setting up choke points for personnel/vehicles, the process for taking samples and/or radiation identification, special techniques for gathering radiation situational awareness and transportation of radioactive materials. Included will be some hands-on practical exercises to demonstrate how you can perform these tasks. Click link below for full course description

Mirion Technologies

Special Nuclear Material (SNM) is a unique concern for everyone. In this course we will explore the characteristics of SNM, how to detect it, how to handle it, and where it comes from. We will also delve into why SNM is not easy to obtain and how difficult is it to put into use. In this course you will discover why it is so difficult to detect and learn the radiological, chemical, and toxicity concerns when dealing with SNM. Click link below for full course description

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