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Principles of Radiation Detection

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16.00 CEC

This course covers the complete range of radiation detection principles from sources of radioactive materials to advanced radiation detection applications and everything in between. This is a concentrated, concise, fast-paced course that includes basic physics and practical implications for all aspects of radiation measurements. This course is not a hardware or software operations course. The course is entirely in lecture format.

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Mirion Technologies

This course covers the complete range of gamma spectroscopy principles from a review of radiation detection principles to evaluation of results and everything in between. This is a concentrated, concise course that includes a practical approach to all aspects of gamma-ray spectrometry. This course is presented as a self-directed “E-Learning” experience that allows coverage of the training materials at whatever time and pace is best for each student. This E-Learning course is intended to serve as the second foundational step for further study in gamma spectroscopy software and hardware theory and operations within Mirion’s “Training Trax” program. This course is not a hardware or software operations course but does include an introduction to Mirion gamma spectroscopy software. The course includes progress quizzes and a final exam for credit within the Mirion TrainingTrax program. This course expires 60 days after registration. Click link below for full course description

Mirion Technologies

This 2-day course focuses on the Apex-Alpha/Beta™ software setup, database interaction and automated sample processing operations utilizing a combination of lecture and practical examples for instruction. Approximately 50% of the class time will be allocated for hands-on exercises to help reinforce the concepts needed to count and report gross alpha and beta results. The training will cover the architecture of the Apex-Alpha/Beta software, installation, operational setups, calibrations, security, reports, QA, data review, and event logging. Discussions will also include supported modifications to the standard Apex-Alpha/Beta Stimulsoft reports. Click link below for full course description

Mirion Technologies

Mirion’s SU-734 training course provides comprehensive instruction for proper use of the Apex-InVivo™ software package to perform whole body counting and other direct bioassay measurements. Students will be introduced to the basic features and functionality of the Apex-InVivo software, and to the hardware components that are typically integrated with standard Mirion in vivo counting systems. With prior approval from the instructor, the course content can be adjusted to include an extended review of fundamental gamma spectroscopy principles and basic Genie™ software operations (with reduced coverage of advanced Apex-InVivo software features and setup options). Approximately 60% of this 3-day course will be presented in lecture format, with the remaining 40% allocated for group discussion and practical exercises. Click link below for full course description

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