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DMC 3000™ Bluetooth® Module

Enhance your Safety with Connectivity
Dmc 3000 bluetooth module

The DMC 3000 Unit Becomes a Connected Dosimeter

Improve the Wearer’s Experience & Radiation Protection

Modular Approach: your DMC 3000™ is already compatible* with the new module by simple plug & play

Easy pairing: performs a quick & easy pairing operations with dosimeter and connected devices

Bluetooth® Module: ensures a robust communication with Mirion connected ecosystem

Long AAA battery life: DMC 3000 Bluetooth® Module guarantees 6 months of battery life (normal condition**)

* Firmware upgrade might be required
** 8h/day with 0.1% alarm

Dmc 3000 bluetooth module product overview all sides

Functional Ecosystem

Mirionwatch device wristband

MirionWatch™ Device:

- Reinforces the dosimeter alarm for challenging environments.
- Provides an additional external vibrating wristband alarm and information display.

ConnectStudio™ Software

This software manages the connectivity of your DMC 3000 Bluetooth® Module with the Mirion Ecosystem:

- Easy pairing with the connected DMC 3000 dosimeter and the MirionWatch device
- Operational supervision display for short range telemetry
- Gateway to WRM telemetry network

Connectstudio software in computer view
Ldm 3200 with nfc reader and mirionwatch pair

LDM 3200™ with NFC reader:

Using the Mirion Watch and the LDM 3200 NFC reader makes daily tasks easier. The dosimeter and the reader pair automatically without wasting time.


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