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Available Reports

Every report is reviewed to ensure integrity of the results and provides the information needed to meet government regulations.

All processing and services are performed at the Dosimetry Services Division headquarters located in Irvine, California. Badge data is stored in archival retention vaults and can be re-evaluated if necessary.

Whether you require weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, rest assured that each report will provide complete and accurate information regarding radiation amounts, and individual exposure levels for each badge.

Standard Reports:

  • Annual Individual Summary (Form 5)
  • Occupational Radiation Exposure
  • Annual Account Summary

Custom Radiation Reports:

The following custom radiation reports are available for purchase. For pricing please check with your sales representative or dedicated customer support team member.

  • ALARA Exposure Report
  • ALARA Letter
  • GDS Dose Management Report
  • Dose Adjustment Confirmation Report
  • Statistical Summary Report
  • Unreturned Badge Report
  • Preliminary Radiation Exposure Report
  • History Detail Report
  • Environmental Monitoring Report
  • Sealed Radioactive Source Leak Test Certificate
  • Control Element Value Report
  • Neutron Radiation Exposure Report Letter
  • Neutron Radiation Exposure Report
  • Total Dose Report
  • Dosimeter High Call List
  • REIRS Report
  • HP Assist Information Disks
  • Dose Estimate Report

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