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RDS-32™ Survey Meter and Flyability Elios 3 Drone

Enabling indoor remote radiation detection and localization

Turbine deck 3d model rad trajectory left side view time color scheme

Mirion Technologies is pleased to partner with Flyability on the integration of our RDS-32™ Next-Generation Survey Meter into the Elios 3 indoor drone.

The product integration makes the Elios 3 the first commercially available drone able to perform remotely operated indoor radiation surveying and localization. It offers a way for nuclear personnel to collect data while remaining safely outside of irradiated areas.

  • Identify, locate, and monitor radiological dose fields. Quickly deploy Elios 3 RAD from a convenient area to better understand radiological conditions.
  • Empower dose planning and decision-making. When planning interventions, estimate the total dose workers will be exposed to and identify hot spots to minimize human exposure.
  • Reach higher safety standards. Evaluate how much personnel dose exposure was avoided over time by leveraging Elios 3 RAD’s cumulative dose measurement.
Rds 32 with elios 3 rad
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“By combining the confident, precise measurement of our RDS-32 survey meter with the accessibility of the Elios 3 drone, we’ve taken nuclear operator safety to the next level. We are proud of this partnership with Flyability and its reinforcement of our commitment to advancing radiation safety through innovation.”

Loic Eloy, Mirion Technologies Group President

E3 rad overview
E3 rad side view
E3 rad closer side view
Rds 32 with elios 3 rad focus

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