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Service & Support

All products sent from our domestic and overseas development and manufacturing bases are subjected to performance and quality testing under a consistent system. In addition to after-sales service and maintenance, we are committed to the design and production of a total measurement system including software, and strive to deliver high-quality, safe and easy-to-use products with a thorough support system.

Receiving/Outgoing Inspection

As a general rule, all products that arrive at our company from each manufacturing base are accepted and inspected before delivery to customers.

Service Maintenance Contract

We are responsible for the maintenance of the products we sell. We also offer a separate annual service contract. Please let us know if you wish customized service maintenance for your system.

Periodic inspection

We have an inspection plan for the products you have purchased.
In particular, there is also a periodic inspection plan for inspections of germanium semiconductor detectors and whole-body counters such as "FASTSCAN". For details of periodic inspections, please contact us. (Tokyo Headquarters: TEL 03-5835-5402, Osaka Office: TEL 06-4806-5662)


In principle, we carry out in-house repair at Technical Center in Tokyo. We also provide on-site repair for system products that are difficult to return to our Technical Center. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Applications and inquiries for Service & Support

* After confirming your needs, our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

[Please call us in case of emergency]
Mirion Technologies Canberra Co. Service Department
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