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Mirion in Finland

We deliver solutions for radiation measurement in industry, the rescue sector, hospitals, nuclear power plants, research institutes and the defense forces.

We operate as part of the Mirion Technologies group and in Finland we represent the group's entire product range: dosimetry, radiation meters, spectroscopy, contamination monitors.

At our own factory in Turku, in cooperation with our sister company Mirion Technologies (Selmic) Oy, we manufacture dose rate meters (e.g. RDS-32 and external sensors) as well as RAD-60, DIS-1 and TLD products for dose measurement.

LTCC production at the Mirion factory in Tallinn is currently an important part of our product development.

The Direct Ion Storage technology (DIS) developed in Turku is the basis for many Mirion products.

An important part of our operations is our strong local product development. In addition to developing our own products, we provide product development and expert services for the needs of Mirion as a whole, including the dosimetry services of the Mirion Medical group.

The manufacture of radiometers in Turku has a long, more than 70-year history.

Many still remember our brands Alnor and RADOS that preceded Mirion. For example, RDS-110, a popular meter from the 1990s, is still widely used. This long continuum is also represented by our RDS-32 radiation meter published in 2021.


Mirion is a global leader in the field of radiation safety, whose Mirion Technologies and Mirion Medical brands represent the company's solutions for various measurement applications.

Safety is the core of our operations

  • We enable a safer way to produce nuclear power, we support global energy production and carbon neutrality
  • We offer the care sector a safer operating environment
  • We help patients receive vital treatments
  • We protect troops from exposure on the front line

Mirion Technologies (RADOS) Oy

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