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Mirion Technologies is a professional in the rescue industry. You will find comprehensive solutions for different radiation measurement needs in our selection.
Spir ace genie xport


Radionuclide Identification Device (RIID) with quantitative assessment capability

Mirion's meters were used to practice for real situations, when the Karkialammi garrison gathered in the framework of an EU project in the fall of 2021 to simulate operations in the event of an accident. The Etelä-Savo Rescue Service was the organizer of the exercise. Units of the rescue service, the police, first aid and the defense forces were involved in the operation. In the event, activities were practiced in an imaginary situation where a source of Cs-137 is found in the terrain, and exposure occurs. Mirion had been involved in the planning of the exercise since 2019, and the measurement solutions used in many different situations suited the exercise perfectly. From Mirion, domestic sales manager Leena Hoffmann and radiation safety officer Carl Tigerstedt participated in the exercise.

Spir ace locating radiation source

SPIR-ACE™ in locating a radiation source

Contamination measurements with sabg 100 sensor

Contamination measurements with the SABG-100™ sensor

YLE also reported on the course of the exercise. You can read more here: https://yle.fi/a/3-12100877

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