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About Mirion Munich

Mirion Technologies (MGPI H&B) GmbH - Munich / Germany Highlights

The city where innovation meets tradition

The Mirion Munich site is in the south of Germany, more precisely it is in the capital of beautiful Bavaria, famous for its mountains, nature, fairy tale castles, lederhosen, beer and Octoberfest. But Munich is much more than that! It is also home of world leading high tech companies such as BMW, Siemens and Infineon. With two large and prestigious Universities, Ludwig-Maximilian University and Technical University of Munich, Max-Planck Institutes and the FRM 2 research reactor it is also an important German hot-spot for research. Furthermore, Munich hosts one of the most successful football clubs in Europe: FC Bayern Munich. This combination makes the town very attractive, successful and lets us profit from highly talented graduates as well as a closed meshed network of suppliers and testing facilities for our equipment.

Our site has about 80 employees. The origins go back till 1955 when the first nuclear reactor in Germany was built close to Munich. Back then, our mission was to develop systems for the reliable and safe operation of the reactor as well as for the protection of the staff and the environment. For more than 65 years, this motivation has still been the main driver for our activities today and matches 100 % to Mirion’s mission: We focus on developing and manufacturing the safest products for radiation and reactor monitoring on the market. Our systems are often integrated in automatic reactor shutdown procedures and, in the worst case, must withstand even the most harsh accidental conditions. Consequently, there is no space for mistakes! Our team is dedicated to nuclear safety, and we are convinced that our products make the nuclear world safer every day.

What We Do Best

We are a full-service provider for Radiation Monitoring and Neutron Flux Instrumentation, including:

  • Support via pre-studies for international customers / authorities needs
  • Customized system design & development (detectors, digital and analog electronics
  • Embedded software development
  • Mechanical, electrical and system engineering
  • Production & verification of detectors, electronic modules, systems, and electrical cabinets
  • Nuclear qualification of systems and components acc. to international standards
  • Full installation, commissioning, SAT and support
  • Sales & Project Management
  • Customer training and maintenance
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We meet highest quality standards and are certified acc. to ISO 9001, 10 CFR 50 App. B, and KTA 1401

Our Product Line is proTK™

  • Digital Neutron Flux & Radiation Monitoring Systems
  • Signal Processing Units for Nuclear Power Plants and Research Reactors
  • Qualified up to highest safety standards (safety relevant 1E and CAT A+B)
  • HW and SW is developed, produced, tested, and qualified in house
  • Digital, modular, accurate, fast, testable and reliable
  • Wide variety of qualified detectors and RMS systems such as
  • Gamma, beta, and neutron ionization chambers
  • Neutron proportional counters (B-10 and He-3)
  • Gamma and beta scintillation detectors
  • Accident monitoring such as steam generator leakage monitors
  • Particle, iodine, noble gas and liquid monitors
  • Qualified cables for harsh and mild environment

What we've done for customers recently

  • 2 major LTO projects for Belgium power plants from engineering till site acceptance test
  • Neutron flux instrumentation (in-core and ex-core) for a Brazilian new built research reactor
  • Neutron flux instrumentation for a research reactor in Jordan
  • Variety of digital electronic instrumentation upgrades & replacements for American Universities and research reactors (like MIT and Purdue)
  • Key supplier for Lamanon RMS and Boronmeter projects
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Meet the Team

The Munich team is always eager to help, to support and to answer your questions!

Best, you contact us via mail: [email protected]