Lead Shield
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Lead Shield
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The Model 747 Mirion Lead Shield is intended for use with Germanium detectors.

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  • 4-inch thick low-background lead
  • Easy-to-use lever-actuated door
  • Compact – 2 foot by 2 foot floor space
  • Graded tin and copper liner
  • Adjustable foot pads


The Model 747 Mirion Lead Shield is intended for use with Germanium detectors. It will prevent high background counts due to external sources, thus reducing counting times and improving the lower limit of detection. This shield is compact and easy to use with only 0.4 m2 (4 ft2) of floor space required. The shield may be set up so that the door opens right or left without need for clearance to the rear. A convenient lever-actuated door lift allows the door to be placed firmly on the shield to prevent direct path radiation from entering.

The 1 mm (0.040 in.) tin and 1.6 mm (0.062 in.) copper graded liner prevents interference by lead x rays. The exterior is attractively finished with light grey textured paint, the interior is coated with clear polyurethane to prevent oxidation and facilitate cleaning. The floor of the shield has a 12.1 cm (4.75 in.) diameter hole which will accommodate either flanged or slimline cryostats. 

The 747E model is 10 cm (4 in.) shorter than the standard 747 and does not have a door lift mechanism.

A number of options are available. Four-inch long, clamp-on cold finger extensions are available for most cryostats. Preamp hardware Option PHW (for Mirion Preamp) is also required to ensure that flanged cryostats fit within the 28 cm (11 in.) shield diameter. Adjustable foot pads provide a convenient means for leveling. Optional annular lead plugs are available to minimize the streaming path through the hole in the shield floor. A detector lift and taller table are available to accommodate installation of other cryostat types, such as the Cryo-Pulse® 5 Plus cyrostat, MAC's and 7500SL-RDC. See option list for details.


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