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Advanced radiation measurement technology fueling scientific discovery, education and exploration.
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Equipment to Fit Your Requirements & Budget

Funding can be tight and investing in new equipment isn’t just expensive — it can be a career-spanning commitment. But when you partner with Mirion, you invest in research technology that will last your institution decades. Plus, with support specialists located worldwide, we’ll be available quickly for repairs, training or maintenance.

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Invest in the Equipment You Need to Run Your Nuclear, Radiological & Particle Physics Research

No matter the complexity of the experiment, Mirion has the expertise to make it happen. From our extensive line of products — including a full suite of germanium and CLOVER™ detectors — to partnering in developing custom solutions, we can provide the technology you need to conduct your research.

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Give Graduate & Undergraduate Students a Head-Start on Their Careers

Invest in a solution that will last a lifetime and give your students the modern tools that they need to succeed in their future careers. While basic technology might be enough in undergraduate and graduate lab settings, Mirion systems are the standard in real-world applications. Allowing students to learn on the equipment they will encounter in their careers sets them up for success. When you invest in Mirion, you invest in the modern technology they need that will also last your institution for decades to come.

Astronaut spaceman collecting rock samples on a distant planet

Space Exploration

As we continue to push the boundaries of space exploration, one crucial factor that needs to be taken into account is nuclear radiation – a potential threat to astronauts and their equipment. Thankfully, cutting-edge technology can monitor levels of radioactivity to determine safe limits and protect explorers on missions beyond Earth's orbit. At the same time, our ability to analyze samples gathered from outer space opens up windows into realms never seen before – deepening humanity’s understanding of its cosmic environment as it searches far-away skies for discoveries.

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Protect Your Labs from Ionizing Radiation

Keep everyone in your lab aware of exposure and protected from the effects of ionizing radiation and meet safety standards with our occupational dosimetry line.

Do you have a question or need a custom solution? We're here to help guide your research.