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Graduate & Undergraduate Education

Draw the best and brightest talent to your department when you invest in Mirion. Our technology not only enables you to conduct safe, modern experiments but also shows potential students that your institution can offer them a world-class lab experience.

Give Your Grads Real-World Technology

Modernize your labs to match your curriculum and ensure that grads use equipment that reflects the kind of technology that they’ll operate once they graduate. Mirion devices are capable of the most advanced experiments and will give students experience that translates to the real world once they move into their field of choice.

Lynx ii digital signal analyzer

Upgrades That Make Sense

Running experiments on outdated technology isn’t a problem — until it is. Don’t wait for equipment to break down to make the upgrade: start exploring the new solutions that modern technology has to offer, from multichannel analyzers to lab kits.

No matter your needs, Mirion has the product that you’re looking for, either as part of our existing, extensive line or as a custom solution that we build to meet your exact specifications.

Invest in Value — and Safety

We understand that funding is hard to secure, but with Mirion, you get the most for your investment. Our products are unmatched in quality, durability and safety - and last not just years but decades in the lab setting. Plus, our field technicians are located around the world for your convenience, meaning that if you have a question about how to operate your equipment or need service, you can call on our team to help you with whatever you need.

Nuclear research lab

Products & Systems

Do you have a question or need a custom solution? We're here to help guide your research.