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Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator Software Update v2.0.10



AtomLab™ 500 Dose Calibrator and AtomLab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator

This applies to a software error in AtomLab™ 500 Dose Calibrators shipped between August 2017 and July 2021. Biodex is voluntarily recalling the AtomLab™ 500 Dose Calibrator and the AtomLab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator by providing a software update. We understand that the AtomLab™ 500 Dose Calibrators can be corrected with a system reset or restart, but we recommend downloading updated software to correct the error. The recall is for software versions 2.0.00 through revision 2.0.08, inclusive.

Affected Serial Numbers:

DeviceSerial Number Range
Atomlab™ 500 Dose Calibrator17081557 to 21062362
Atomlab™ 500Plus Dose Calibrator17080651 to 21061047

Find Your Serial Number Here:

Update Atomlab 500 software.

Error correction:
Correction to custom isotope dial values when custom isotopes have been deleted.

Includes Previous Version Features:
- For international customers, application supports full regional settings.
- JSON supports international formats.
- Implementation of remote JSON protocol over Ethernet (USB Dongle/ wireless.)
- Implementation Serial Communications on the AIM RS-232 DIN connector


FILE: AtomLab500Update.bioupdate

  1. Click on the download button to access the file (AtomLab500Update.bioupdate).
  2. Save it to the root of the flash drive.
  3. Plug it to the Interface module USB port.
  4. Be on the Home screen on the software. Wait for few seconds to detect.
  5. Software will auto detect the update.
  6. Follow on screen instruction while its updating.
  7. When finished, unplug the flash drive.

Download Now

Note: We recommend downloading the file using Chrome/Firefox.
Internet Explorer users: While downloading the file, it may download as “Atomlab500Update.zip”. Please rename the file to “Atomlab500Update.bioupdate”, and change "Save as type" to "All Files (*.*)" if prompted. Otherwise, the software will not be automatically detected by our application.

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