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System Camera
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Mirion’s C983 Camera offers a compact, sealed, underwater capable, high performance pan/tilt/zoom color CCD camera.

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  • Telemetry (RS-485), video and power over three twisted pairs
  • Integral pan/tilt with  180  travel and variable speed which can automatically reduce as the camera is zoomed in
  • Outstanding viewing performance achieved by using a high performance CCD module with 18:1 optical and 4:1 digital variable speed zoom
  • Position feedback system to provide for preset positioning and adjustable end stops
  • Camera internal temperature monitoring and over-temperature alarm
  • Sealed housing for in-air and underwater operation
  • Optional high power tracking lights
  • Simple camera cable
  • One 19 in. controller to control up to eight cameras
  • Option of dedicated controller (C983 cameras only) or flexible sub-rack (mixed R981™/C983 cameras)
  • 8-channel lighting and microphone sub-racks
  • RS-485 telemetry to camera and lighting controllers
  • Software protocol and hardware can address up to 128 cameras/16 controllers


Mirion’s C983 Camera offers a compact, sealed, underwater capable, high performance pan/tilt/zoom color CCD camera. Ideal for locating in areas where space is at a premium, the camera features an integral pan and tilt with mounting provision for additional lights and microphone. The integrated microcontroller supports many additional features, including position feedback, temperature monitoring and optional radiation dosimetry for when the camera is used in radiation environments. The camera controller options provide for easy and cost-effective integration of multi-camera systems including those requiring a mix of C983 and R981 radiation tolerant cameras.

Mirion Technologies is a recognized leader in turnkey television surveillance systems design for the nuclear industry providing experience, innovation and reliability for your inspection and surveillance needs.


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