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High Radiation Camera

R93 001

A high radiation camera, the R93 that can achieve maximum application flexibility using interchangeable Viewing Heads or Lens Bodies.


Maximum application flexibility is achieved using interchangeable Viewing Heads or Lens Bodies enabling the R93 camera to provide:

  • Underwater applications to a depth of 200 m (656 ft)
  • Lighting power from 0.7 W to 100 W
  • Non-browning 12-72 mm f/1.8 zoom capability
  • Radial viewing with full 360° scan facility
  • Complete hemispherical viewing ability
  • Wide angle viewing

All the interchangeable Viewing Heads and Lens Bodies can be matched to the radiation tolerance of the R93 unit and are very easily fitted to the camera. For additional specifications refer to the following data sheets:

  • R93 Interchangeable Viewing Heads
  • R93 Interchangeable Lens Bodies
  • R90 Mk 3 Camera Control Units
  • R90 Series Cables and Connectors

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