Effluent Release Monitoring

To guarantee plant safety, nuclear radioactive effluents must be closely controlled and monitored to assure levels are kept As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) whether or not the alpha, beta, gamma, neutron radioactivity exists in gaseous form (particulate, iodine, and/or noble gas) or in liquid form. The solutions provided are field-proven, cost-effective and reliable.

Particulate Monitors - Effluent Release

Continuously measuring the volumetric activity of a radioactive gaseous sample containing particulates, from discharge stacks, ventilation ducts, reactor buildings or working areas.

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Iodine Monitors - Effluent Release

Iodine monitors continuously measure iodine volumetric activity in all gaseous effluents and can be stand-alone systems or used in combination with particulate and/or noble gas detection systems.

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Noble Gas Monitors - Effluent Release

Noble gas monitors use ionization chambers, flow through ion chambers, dual silicon detectors with preamplificators, and thin plastic scintillation detectors to meet site-specific needs.

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Combination Monitors

Whether it is particulates, iodine, or noble gas that needs detected, field-proven modules can be regrouped to satisfy site-specific needs for a combination measurement.

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Liquid Monitors

Whether it requires off-line, in-line, or adjacent-to-line configurations, liquid monitoring systems provide reliable safety or non-safety modularized systems to meet site-specific requirements.

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Samplers - Effluent Release

Accurate and efficient sample analysis of particulate and/or iodine in a nuclear facility quickly provides verified proof of the environment so control and management can be maximized.

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Spectrum Analysis Monitors - Effluent Release

Spectrum analysis systems detect gamma radiations and provide gamma spectra analysis with identification of isotopes.

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Software (Radiation Monitoring)

Data integration of all instrumentation for setup, configuration, maintenance, spectrum analysis, simulation and supervision.

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