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Tritium Bubblers

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The tritium bubblers are designed for the following applications: radioprotection, environmental monitoring, discharge measurement, and laboratory.

Tag Features

  • High trapping efficiency
    • HT & HTO → > 95%
    • Trapping efficiency validated in laboratory
  • Convenient
    • Intuitive to use
    • Limited liquid loss
    • Quick and easy set up
    • No outside condensation
  • Easy maintenance
    • Small footprint
    • Stainless Steel sampling circuit
    • Light (weight < 15 kg) and rugged
    • Only one annual maintenance required
  • User-friendly
    • Color touch screen
    • Color identification of bottles


The HT IONIX bubblers product range gathers several samplers designed for monitoring levels of atmospheric tritium both HTO (vapour) form and HT (gas).

The HT IONIX bubblers are suitable for all applications in stack and ventilation systems monitoring, surveillance of premises or even environmental monitoring.

These devices have been designed according to the requirements of the NF M60-312-1 and M60-822-1 standards.

Easy to use, light and rugged, these bubblers offer some of the most advanced features, such as:

  • Reduced liquid volume
  • Remote monitoring and control via Modbus
  • Record of defects and measurement conditions

The HT IONIX bubblers can be easily and quickly converted into HC IONIX bubblers for sampling and trapping Carbon 14, thanks to a conversion kit available as an option.

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