Hydrogen Monitor
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Hydrogen Monitor
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Multipoint hydrogen and oxygen measurement system for inside the reactor building.

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  • RG 1.97 on request
  • Two trains and two assemblies in each train
  • Software V&V according to IEEE 7-4.3.2
  • Minimized maintenance activity
  • Automatic calibration sequencing and adjustment


The H2 containment atmosphere monitoring system forms part of the NIMSYS product line. The hydrogen measurement in containment is used for the measurement of the molar fraction (or molar concentration) of hydrogen present in the reactor building of a nuclear power plant. The measurement principle is based on an electrochemical process which serves to obtain a current proportional to the partial pressure of the measured gas in the air. The H2 detector is mainly composed of two electrodes (a black platinum electrode and a counter electrode of platinum oxide), an electrolyte (sulphuric acid), a separation membrane with the external environment permeable to H2 and thermistors.


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