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Electric Penetration Assembly

Conax 001

Electrical penetrations allow the secure passage of cables through containment walls, providing a reliable seal and uninterrupted electrical circuits even in unexpected situations.

Tag Features

  • Stainless Steel pressure boundary headerplate of ASME B&PV Code material and design.
  • Modular conductor feedthroughs for maximum flexibility of cable routing through the containment structure.
  • Metal-to-metal seal of the conductor feedthrough module to the EPA headerplate.
  • Feedthrough tube provides complete mechanical protection.
  • Dual seals for integral leak monitoring system.
  • EPA does not require pressurization to maintain containment integrity during normal or accident conditions.
  • Continuous, fully insulated, solid copper conductors from inboard to outboard, NO internal splices or brazing to metallic sheaths.
  • Sealants in the conductor feedthrough module eliminate the possibility of voids, cracks and moisture intrusion.
  • 100% shield of solid copper around all coax and triax signal conductors.


The Conax Nuclear and IST France product lines from Mirion Technologies is an industry leader of Electric Penetration Assemblies (EPAs) to the nuclear power industry worldwide. For over 60 years, our penetrations have been environmentally and seismically qualified for use in all of the major nuclear power plant designs.

Canister and modular designs are available with a variety of electrical and fiber optic feedthroughs. All electrical feedthroughs contain solid copper conductors in a swaged construction. Designed for 60 year, normal service temperature of 150 °F (65 °C) – higher temperatures can be accommodated with an adjustment in ampacity.

EPAs provide the electrical and signal capabilities required inside containment, while maintaining the containment pressure boundary during normal and accident conditions. Choose from a range of exceptional designs that cater to every power plant requirement. With a rich history dating back to the 1960s, our qualifications have consistently set the highest benchmark in the industry.

Quality Standards

At the heart of our company's mission is the unwavering commitment to safeguarding you and your site. Our equipment has undergone exhaustive testing and stringent qualification campaigns to ensure full compliance with local regulatory standards. 


All EPAs are qualified to plant-specific temperature, pressure and chemical spray, with the requirements of IEEE-317, for a 60 year service life. All EPAs are ASME Boiler and Vessel Code (NPT Stamp) for manufacture to Section III, Subsection NE, Class MC and are qualified by test to the current standards of IEEE-317, IEEE-323, IEEE-344 and IEC Publication 772. All parts are manufactured to ANSI/ASME NQA-1 and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B.


IST France EPAs are qualified to ensure their function for 40 or 60 years, under normal or accident conditions. The IST France Assembled Electrical Bushings have been the subject of numerous tests and complete qualification campaigns within the framework of the PWR 900 – 1300 MW nuclear power plants and EPR. IST France conducts the qualifications and draws up the necessary reports and analysis notes.

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