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Electric Penetration Assembly

Provides the electrical and signal capabilities required inside containment.

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Special Applications

  • Stainless Steel pressure boundary headerplate of ASME B &PV Code material and design.
  • Modular conductor feedthrough for maximum flexibility of cable installation routing through the containment structure.
  • Metal-to-metal seal of the conductor feedthrough module to the EPA headerplate.
  • Feedthrough tube provides complete mechanical protection.
  • Dual seals for integral leak monitoring system.
  • EPA does not require nitrogen pressurization gas to maintain containment integrity during normal or accident conditions.
  • Continuous, fully insulated, solid copper conductors from inboard to outboard, NO internal splices or brazing to metallic sheaths.
  • Sealants in the conductor feedthrough module eliminate the possibility of voids, cracks and moisture intrusion.
  • 100% shield of solid copper around all coax and triax signal conductors.


Mirion Technologies (Conax Nuclear), Inc. is a worldwide industry leader of Electric Penetration Assemblies (EPA) to the Nuclear Power Industry. For over 50 years, our penetrations have been environmentally and seismically qualified for use in all of the major nuclear power plant designs. EPA provide the electrical and signal capabilities required inside containment, while maintaining the containment pressure boundary during normal and accident conditions. There are several designs to choose from to meet the needs of all power plants. Established in the 60’s, our qualifications continue to be the gold standard in the industry.

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