Portable and Easy-to-use Solution for Real-time Analog Video
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Portable and Easy-to-use Solution for Real-time Analog Video
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Plug-and-play video enhancement unit for analog video signals.

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  • Suitable for desktop as well as in the field applications
  • Can be integrated into existing systems as a ‘turbo charger’, with no expensive upgrade of complete systems required
  • Compatible with PAL and NTSC analog video formats. Works with all Mirion analog camera systems, as well as those from other manufacturers.
  • A stand-alone solution, but with the flexibility to be integrated into your own control platform by using simple ASCII text-based commands


Mirion Technologies now brings advanced image enhancement to industrial applications. The Hawk Portable unit enhances the live feed from a camera in any existing analog color video system. Whether it is to enable you to see more in situations with less than optimal visibility conditions, (sub sea or outdoor surveillance video) or to enhance recorded video after a survey, the Hawk Portable device provides a simple but powerful solution. Designed for real portability, with a solid aluminum casing and large control knobs, and running on 12 V dc.

Ready to use once connected between the camera and a monitor or recorder, with no complicated installation, no advanced configuration, no onscreen menu trees... just plug in, turn on and see more.

Large knobs to enable control of enhancement level and size and position of a rectangular selection of the scene. With this simple, manual interface you can focus on your tasks with the best possible visibility in your video system.

Besides being a manual enhancement tool it is possible to control the Hawk Portable unit remotely over a standard RS-232 serial interface.


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