High Temperature Cameras

High temperature industrial imaging systems from Mirion have been helping operators and engineers optimize and remotely view kilns, boilers, furnaces and glass tanks for over twenty years. Our systems combine temperature measurement, real-time video, and image processing into an enhanced video experience showing measurement information overlaid onto a live video image.

Cement and Rotary Kiln Cameras

Camera systems for rotary kiln viewing and multiple zone temperature measurement.

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Pulp Paper and Recovery Cameras

High temperature cameras for pulp, paper, and recovery boiler applications.

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Other High Temperature Applications

Cameras for Other High Temperature Applications.

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Steel and Glass Furnaces Cameras

Cameras for Steel Reheat Furnaces and Glass Melt Tanks.

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Waste-to-Energy Plants Cameras

High temperature cameras designed specifically for the viewing needs of an incinerator.

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Thermal Power and Fossil Fuel Boiler Cameras

Cameras to monitor the flame shape and progression during start-up.

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