Instrumentation & Control

Electrical penetrations, In-core, and Ex-core detectors, boron, water level and hydrogen measurement assemblies used in the instrumentation channels of nuclear power plants.

Reactor Water Level Measurement

Cost-effective, digital ultrasonic measurement system to determine reactor water levels for optimization.

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Hydrogen Measurement

Multi-point hydrogen and oxygen measurement systems for inside the reactor building.

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Ex-Core (Reactor Safety Systems)

Out-of-core sensors for all types of reactors.

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Boron Meters

Boron meters continuously measure the boron concentration in water circulating in process of light water nuclear power plants.

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In-core detectors used in the instrumentation channels of nuclear power plants.

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Nuclear Containment Seals

Modular in design and manufactured to operate reliably over the sixty year design life of a reactor.

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RTDs and Thermocouples
Nuclear Service Temperature Sensors

These assemblies feature resilient sealants that completely protect against LOCA event hazards.

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Nuclear Service Connector

Offers quick, reliable disconnect and reconnect: eliminates costly cut and splice procedures.

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