Lynx High Temperature Color Camera Series
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Lynx High Temperature Color Camera Series
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Lynx® color camera with integrated diagnostics and on-screen alarm notifications. Compact and cost-effective, ideal for multiple viewing station installations.

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  • Coal Fired Utility Boilers - Monitor flame shape to adjust burners for maximum combustion and minimum fuel usage
  • Rotary Kilns and Coolers - Provide continuous product quality monitoring. Observe ring formation, burner flame and product as it moves down the kiln or cooler. Potential upset conditions can be detected early
  • Bark Fired Boiler - Observe fuel distribution, bed and feeder monitoring, combustion and flame characteristics
  • Cost Effective Solution - Ideal for multiple camera installations
  • Compatible with Existing IST-Quadtek® Retract Installations - Can be retro-fitted on existing M353/M354/M356 retraction systems


The IST-Quadtek M535 Lynx Series of Visible Light High-Temperature Color Cameras is designed to give you the flexibility to customize electronics, lenses, filters and other options to provide continuous monitoring of your high-temperature processes. Straight or oblique lenses are available in order to give the end user greater flexibility in mounting arrangements.

The camera includes temperature sensors to provide status information and control of a retract system when fitted.

A serial interface allows the camera to be controlled and its status to be checked remotely from the comfort of the control room. Features include:

  • Automatic exposure adjustment
  • Image adjustment (brightness, white balance, contrast and color saturation)
  • Color or mono display modes
  • Camera temperature monitoring (lens tip, imager and main enclosure)
  • Over-temperature alarms (user adjustable)
  • Retract demand status
  • Event log


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Cameras and imaging systems for hazardous environments i.e. nuclear and industrial (high temperature).