Viewing Pyrometer
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Viewing Pyrometer
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Contrast expander, coloriser and pyrometer processor unit, for use with M330™, M340™ and M540™ cameras. Display and output of spot temperature.

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Camera and Pyrometer All-in-one

The pyrometer shares the same optical path as the camera video signal and provides an accuracy of ±1%. You can see exactly where the temperature is being measured on a small locator square displayed on the control room monitor. The temperature value is shown on the M704 front panel LED display and can be exported as an isolated analogue 4-20mA signal.


The M704 unit colorize the incoming infrared black and white video signal. Hot items appear as yellow or white while cooler items appear as darker reds.

Contrast Expansion

Independent operator control of the black and white levels allow the maximum contrast range to be achieved. Increased contrast expansion provides a better picture.

Shading Correction

A finer degree of control is possible using the four shading controls. This allows contrast to be adjusted over a portion of the screen. Extremely useful when difficult imaging conditions only affect part of the image.

Video Alarm Loss

High output audible alarm sounds if video signal is lost.

Licensed Camera Initiation

Provides automatic initialization (interlock) of special versions of M300™ Bedbug® cameras using licensed camera cores.

Multiple Video Output Formats

A Choice of four types of video output to allow early connection to most commercial monitors or large screen displays.


The M704 Viewing Pyrometer is part of the IST-Quadtek® M300 Bedbug range of smelt bed imaging cameras. Pyrometers are great at measuring how hot your process is, but you never know exactly where they are pointing. The IST-Quadtek M704 Viewing Pyrometer takes the guesswork out of it by showing you on the monitor. The pyrometer temperature data is multiplexed with the video signal and sent to the M704 unit. It separates them and displays the video on a monitor with a locator square on the screen which marks the specific area that the pyrometer is measuring.

Under ideal conditions a camera system gives operators an excellent view of the combustion process, but most industrial processes are prone to conditions that make it hard to see clearly. The M704 unit gives operators an added advantage by overcoming these difficult imaging problems by colorizing the image and providing contrast expansion and custom shading control.


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