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MRI Stretcher with Fowler Positioning

Ideal for patient transport to and within the MRI suite.

Tag Features

  • Fowler positioning
  • 500 lb patient capacity
  • Includes mattress and retractable guard rails
  • Completely non-ferrous


Fowler positioning comfortably accommodates patients for prolonged periods. Ideal for patient transport to and within the MRI suite, the MRI Stretcher with Fowler positioning is non-magnetic, all aluminum, and designed for heavy-duty use. Fowler positioning is infinitely adjustable and the stretcher comes complete with mattress, restraining straps and retractable guard rails. Five-inch ball bearing swivel casters provide easy, controlled mobility and lock firmly to secure the stretcher in position as needed.

Optional IV Rod mounts in a socket at the head end of the table.

Models & Ordering

240-110Stretcher, MRI with Fowler Positioning
240-189IV Pole
40" H x .70" dia (102 x 1.8cm)
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

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