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Air-Cushioned Face Mask

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Air-Cushioned Face Mask Kits with clear ultra-flex expandable tubing from 6″ to 24″.


Pre-packaged Combinations of Xenon Disposables

Convenience Kits

Face Mask
The air-cushioned face mask has a pre-filled air-cushion (medium inflation pressure) that molds to the contour of the patient’s face providing a tight, leak-proof and comfortable seal. Cushion pressure is easily adjusted by inserting a standard syringe without needle in the two-way valve located on the mask bottom. The flexibility of cushion pressure allows optimum surface contact for every patient. Transparency of the entire mask allows continuous visual identification of patient’s vital signs.

We offer three combinations of convenience kits utilizing the basic face mask. Choose the kit most suitable for your facility.

Latex Free

Models & Ordering

Xenon Convenience Kits™ with Air-Cushioned Face Mask:

132-680Convenience Kit, Face Mask*
Includes Bacteria Filter
132-681Convenience Kit, Face Mask*
Includes Bacteria Filter and Ultra-Flex Tubing (shown)
132-781Convenience Kit, Face Mask*
Includes Bacteria Filter, Ultra-Flex Tubing, Drierite & Litholyme Cartridges

* Single Use Only. Each kit is sold in multiples of 25.

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